First day of freedom

As of today, I am officially unemployed. This is not a tragic moment in my life, but the beginning of a journey–a journey I instigated myself when I resigned from my position as a scientific researcher. So for me, this is a day to celebrate.

I rejoice not because I will have all this time to take it easy but because now I have finally taken the decision to focus full time on my writing and have, on top of this, done something about it. I did not take this decision spontaneously. My husband and I have been thinking about when the right moment would be for me to finally take the first step, and a few things came together at the beginning of 2017 that finally spurred me to action. I have a lot to say about what happened since I handed in my resignation at the start of January and you will hear about it in the coming posts. But for now, let me assure you that after the sleepless nights, and the knot in my stomach, and the worry, and the immense mental tiredness, I am doing fine.

Stay tuned.

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