When it all happens at once

I’m sure I’m not the first to observe that life is sinuous like the graceful wave of the sine function. There are phases when nothing happens, and then circumstances tilt to fill our lives with more than what we thought we could handle.

The funny thing is, we usually can manage. Not that it’s easy.

In the past weeks, our life as a family took quite the turns, and since I’m pregnant with twins and soon to give birth, I imagine that all that has been happening until now (not always joyous) was just a preamble. And yet, I managed to go through another substantial revision of my book plus the necessary editorial nit-picking that must follow.

We all seem to know that time is precious, but it is a perspective that often recedes to the background when we have an abundance of time. Before I gave birth to my son four years ago, I had plenty of time (at least in relative terms). But I got around to finishing the first draft of my trilogy only after I had a baby to take care of and was still working a day job. Back then, I finally realized—truly realized—what it meant not to have time, and, consequently, how precious a commodity time is. So, I got on with the first draft because I refused to let more time slip by. I was not as nearly as productive before I got so busy. Go figure…

Also, that’s when I started to seriously educate myself about time management. I wanted to use the low-key troughs of life’s sine function as equally well as the peaks. In expectation of the twin’s arrival, I have tried to bring my writing tasks to a stage where I’ll have the chance to keep on going, albeit at a much slower pace, once I have found my footing with two new beings at home. I have no illusions of being able to complete grand tasks. For the next year, the world won’t hear from me as often, but it will hear from me. And after that, thankfully, Germany has an excellent child care system.

I’m now embarking on several adventures at ones. I finally started querying agents, we’ll grow as a family, and, soon, we’ll be moving to a new home. I’m immensely excited and grateful, and, yes, a little scared. Will it all work out? But as Stephen King so succinctly put it in Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption:


Published by Adriana K. Weinert

I write novel-length speculative fiction with the occasional short story to boot.

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