About me

In short

I was born in Bulgaria, live in Germany, and studied molecular biology. I’m married and have a two-year old son. I’m writing fantasy (mostly). Currently, I’m revising a book (or three).

The longer version

Adriana K Weinert

When I was twelve, I finished my first book: eighty-two A4 hand-written pages. I still remember the satisfaction of writing “the end” and the finish date on the last page. But as I was growing up, I had to overcome well-meant prejudices against the life of a writer, and I lost focus for a couple of decades. Now, I have finally come to terms with what I really want to do in life and have taken up what Paulo Coelho calls the good fight.

I have a PhD in molecular biology; I worked shortly as an assistant editor at a scientific publisher and as a researcher later on. Though in the past years I wrote far less fiction than I would have liked to, I don’t lament the road I chose. I learned and experienced much, and this is not a bad thing for a writer.

I passed through Canada when I was ten (a very formative year). A decade ago, I left behind a life in magical Istanbul—a metropolis of 16 million closely huddled fellow human beings (at least at the time). I also stayed for a while in charming little Denmark. Today, I live with my husband and little boy in southern Germany within an earshot of a spirited brook that flows among hills where buzzards roam in languid circles. Yup, it’s that poetic and much quieter than ever before.

The genre with the greatest creative pull for me is long-form speculative fiction, but I also write the occasional short story. At the moment, I’m revising a series of fantasy novels (read more about them here).

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