About me

Portrait1As far as About Me pages go, mine wouldn’t have turned out long or very elaborate. I’m a regular person, yes, with some accomplishments, but still a regular person. So, the first version of this About Me page went something like this: born in Bulgaria, lived in lots of countries (Turkey, Canada, Denmark, Switzerland), have a PhD in molecular biology, now living in Germany, have a husband and three young kids, love to write fantasy. But this doesn’t tell you what I’m REALLY about.

So let me start over. Writing and the wish to share what I write have always been there, lurking in the background of all my undertakings and adventures. I finished my first book when I was 12. It is (I still have it) 83 hand-written pages long, and it took me two years to complete. I never stopped writing thereafter though I did get distracted at times (you know–school, moving countries, having kids, etc. sort of get in the way of a streamlined life). But in 2017, I brought my focus to laser-point sharpness. The manifestation of this was quitting my job so I could take care of my writing (a much more thought-through affair than it might appear here).

I should also probably mention that I’m a bit of an idealist. (I know! So out of fashion these days, but that’s the configuration I’ve been born with.) My idealism bleeds into my writing, and there’s nothing I can or want to do about it. I hope you get to read my work one day. I’m on it. Laser-focused. Currently looking for an agent, so wish me luck!


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