Review: Of Gallantry and Magic by Alex Hintermann

I don’t plan to often do book reviews, but an acquaintance of mine, Alex Hintermann, asked me if I would review their self-published book Of Gallantry and Magic, so here I am. The author provided me with an advanced reader’s copy for free to review. Thank you, Alex, for the opportunity to read your work.

Clarity after a long break, Part 4: My workflow

In my previous three posts, I talked about the creative process from the initial spark through sustaining that spark to molding the untamed energy of the initial inception into something polished. Now, I will describe my actual workflow from the initial idea to editing a completed piece of writing as a way of a concrete example. (Note: […]

Clarity after a long break, Part 3: Structure vs pantsing it out

In my second to last and last posts, I talked about harvesting the initial spark of enthusiasm when an idea strikes and how to preserve this spark during the marathon of completing a project. Now, I want to talk about balancing the willfulness of this initial energy with the structure and discipline one needs to […]

Clarity after a long break, Part 2: Preserving the initial spark of motivation

In my last post, I talked about the value of harnessing the innocent, flexible type of creativity that arises when doing something for the first time. In my opinion, it’s the afterglow of this initial fiery excitement—the condensed energy before the big bang of creating something—that gets us through a long project. Just like the universe […]

Clarity after a long break, Part 1: The beginner’s mindset

The good thing about long breaks (even if involuntary) from a regular routine is that they help us see the big picture of an activity, a life choice, a goal. They bring clarity. It’s been more than three months since I last posted here or worked on writing projects, and I have come to recognize […]