Finding one’s voice in creating…and living

On the 30th of November this year, I reached a milestone: my short story Clara appeared in the November issue of Electric Spec magazine. This is the first time that a short story of mine got published. I can’t explain what this means to me. But then again, anybody who has decided to live theirContinue reading “Finding one’s voice in creating…and living”

Finding balance in life is not a balancing act

There has been a lot of hype around the concept of finding balance in life: work-life balance, balancing social life vs me-time, balance in parenting…you name it. Recently, I listened to an interview with children’s books author and illustrator Lori Richmond (whose work is lovely, by the way) and she said something that really jarred me. SheContinue reading “Finding balance in life is not a balancing act”

Keep learning, live long, live well

When I read Arthur C. Clarke’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, one specific detail took my deepest attention. Clarke describes (no spoilers here), in his riveting way, how astronaut David Bowman’s day on the spaceship Discovery was scheduled, and specifically states that two hours of the “day” were allotted to studying. At this point, I rememberContinue reading “Keep learning, live long, live well”

Is it a weakness to chase a dream and the discipline of free choice

“The Offering […] requires discipline, not the discipline of slavery, but the discipline of free choice.” – Paulo Coelho, Manuscript Found in Accra. Let me put into context what Paulo Coelho means in the above quote. As I understand it, he talks about the discipline to freely take the choice to love our job evenContinue reading “Is it a weakness to chase a dream and the discipline of free choice”

Our hearts are keeping time

It’s funny how sometimes the tiniest of occurrences can unleash a landslide of emotions and associations that can propel our minds to a totally new place. Once, after yoga, I overheard a conversation between my yoga teacher and another student that threw me into a small frenzy of thought. What I overheard while all ofContinue reading “Our hearts are keeping time”