To the dreamers (living with the demons)

I’ve watched a fair share of mediocre B-movies on a rainy day when I needed a bit of easy-going cheering. In them, the protagonist often has a dream, lots of setbacks, then rolls up the sleeves and after a sequence of scenes showing hard work of some sort, the protagonist gets to live the dream.Continue reading “To the dreamers (living with the demons)”

Dasung’s Paperlike E Ink Monitor: A review from a writer’s perspective

I often write in the evenings which hitherto meant torturing my eyes with an LCD monitor after dark. This is why I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the world’s first E Ink monitor offered by Dasung – a Chinese startup. I bought my monitor on IndieGoGo. I have always found it a pity that notContinue reading “Dasung’s Paperlike E Ink Monitor: A review from a writer’s perspective”

To word count or not to word count? A lesson from Camp NaNoWriMo

Now that Camp NaNoWriMo is over, I have a confession to make: I didn’t reach my word count goal. I was not even close. I will not give any numbers because it’s embarrassing. I won’t use excuses such as I had a busy time in my day job (which I had) or that I had toContinue reading “To word count or not to word count? A lesson from Camp NaNoWriMo”

Writing at home: strategies not to get sidetracked

This post is for writers who write at home, who are neat-freaks, who can’t have loose ends dangling while they write, who need to have a tidy house before they even sit down, who for some reason can’t go to a library to write, and who don’t want to change how they are (this isContinue reading “Writing at home: strategies not to get sidetracked”

The best advice for writers is perhaps no advice at all

I’m a pantser: I write without reviewing or editing until I reach “The End”, and then I fix my complete (if this is the right word in this case) draft later. I know there are also the semi-pantsers out there who first write a chapter or a section to the end and then fix itContinue reading “The best advice for writers is perhaps no advice at all”

Abolishing the writing routine

I shared in an earlier post that having a baby (my son was born a year ago) was the catalyst for learning to write in any small available moment. I was up until recently convinced  that a routine is critical to sustainable writing. So, I never thought that writing in this on-and-off way will ever do for meContinue reading “Abolishing the writing routine”