Books in the works

I’m currently revising a trilogy of fantasy novels.

The Equilath (Illumination Trilogy, Book 1)

Secret PassageIn the northern heights of Qeldora among pinnacles of granite, the ancient abbey Boas nestles on a stone outcrop in the shadow of a sheer cliff. It is to Boas that the talented scribe Angus arrives in search of knowledge and illumination. But what Angus finds are echoes from a half-forgotten lore, a secret in a ruined tower, and the beginnings of an epic awakening that will turn the fortunes of commoners and kings alike.

Illumination Trilogy, Books 2 and 3:

Equilath star_cropQeldora is at war over the high throne, which has remained empty for centuries, and Angus is pulled right into the conflict. Which of the vying clans will emerge victorious? And what about the rightful heir to the throne?

For fun drawings from Illumination supplemented with relevant quotes visit the Drawings and Quotes page.

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