Books in the works

I’m currently revising a series of fantasy novels which starts out in an abbey but spans the fate of a whole realm. Read more about it in the blurb below.

catchingwords_irelandThe story:

In the northern heights of a vast land among pinnacles of granite, the ancient abbey Boas nestles on a stone outcrop in the shadow of a sheer cliff. It is to Boas that the talented scribe Angus arrives in search of knowledge and illumination. But what Angus finds are echoes from a half-forgotten lore, a secret in a ruined tower, and the beginnings of an epic awakening that will turn the fortunes of commoners and kings alike.

The inspiration:catchingwords_ireland

The idea struck on a road trip in Ireland where I got my fill of old castles, triple spirals, and vellum pages illuminated with heart-breaking skill. Most of all,  I was struck by how the old Celtic beliefs had intermingled with Christianity at many of the medieval sights I visited; and how in this mix, I could still hear echoes from the megalithic epoch. This is why, in my current novels, I deal with the clash between old and new traditions and all the havoc that such a clash can bring about.


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