August 2019

Short Édition–a French publisher based in Grenoble–published my short story Bread and Iron. Short Édition have a very cool way of distributing stories: they have short story dispensers standing all over the world at train stations or libraries or cafes…at the press of a button, one can exit the mundane world for a few minutes and read a story. But if you can’t find a dispenser near you, follow this link to read Bread and Iron.

NewsSeptember 2018

My short story Tonight, on the bus was published in UnSung Literary Magazine.

February 2018

I’m very happy to share that my short story Clara won Electric Spec‘s 2017 Reader’s Choice Story of the Year contest. A big thank you to all who voted!

January 2018

I’m honored to be longlisted for Novel Fair 2018 organized by the Irish Writers Centre. Out of nearly 250 participants, 12 were selected as finalists to attend the fair, and 12, including myself, have been highly commended and will have their submissions critiqued. My entree included the first 10 000 words of my fantasy novel Illumination, Book 1.

December 2017

And it’s live! My short story Clara can now be read for free in Electric Spec‘s November issue. I’m so excited. This is the first story of mine to ever be published, so for me, this is a milestone.

November 2017

I have been featured on Electric Spec‘s blog where I talk about my short story Clara. Check out what I have to say about my story here.

November 2017

What a month! My short story Clara has been accepted for publication in Electric Spec magazine.

February 2012

My story Bread and Iron was shortlisted for the Fish Publishing Short Story Competition.

letterAugust 2011

A short, non-fictional piece of mine called A Kolonihave Mystery was published in Insight Magazine (currently Your Danish Life).


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