I’m a Bulgarian writer of speculative fiction with an idealistic bend. From my current base in Germany, I dip toes in several tributaries of the genre, from literary spec to epic fantasy to sci-fi.

Writing has always been in the background of my activities. I started writing in primary school and finished my first novella when I was twelve. Since then, I’ve moved countries six times, learned to SCUBA dive, completed a Ph.D. in molecular biology, and worked as a science editor and a researcher. Through it all, writing has always been and still is a defining part of my life.

I now live in the beautiful Black Forest region of southern Germany with my husband and our three children. Currently, I’m working as a flight attendant—a day job I’m lucky to love.

I’m an associate member of SFWA, as well as a proofreader for InterNova—a German magazine for international science fiction in English.

If you’d like to hang around here a little longer, my writer’s log (wLog) has more on what I’ve been up to lately, and the Writings page has links to my published works.

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