Staying sane and keeping writing

With a demanding part-time day job and a baby who doesn’t like to sleep at night, I have had it uphill to find energy and time to write. I don’t know how people with full-time day jobs manage – and I know that there must be people out there that do manage.

So, how do I keep sane? An important part has been sharing the burden with my husband. There are no grandparents within practical distance, so we are on our own. We both lose grip on things from time to time but, thankfully, not at the same time. Also, my husband is fully aware of what I dream of in life and he supports me in it by treating my writing not as my hobby but as my job.Continue reading “Staying sane and keeping writing”

Where I am now in my writing life

Though making writing a paid job has been on the table for a really long time, I never seriously acted on it until now. What changed? Well for one, I suddenly found myself with a lot less time on my hands a.k.a. I had a baby.

Having a baby really puts a different perspective on things. Suddenly, you realize how efficient and focused you can be in the little time allotted for any single task. Like every aspiring (cringe!) writer, I have been writing on the side. There never seemed enough time for my dream. Now, this has finally come true.Continue reading “Where I am now in my writing life”