When is a good time to quit a job for a dream?

A few weeks have passed since I quit my job so I could focus on my writing. And now that the mental and physical fatigue which this decision brought about are finally starting to abate, one subject I want to tackle is when is the right time to take a leap and go for a dream. Continue reading “When is a good time to quit a job for a dream?”

A bad habit called stress

It’s difficult to lose the habit of being stressed out. This is one thing I’m beginning to learn. As I mentioned in my previous short announcement, I quit my job at the beginning of the year to fully focus on my writing. I imagined, as I geared up to tell my superior about my decision, that the day I quit my job will mark the beginning of a happier existence. And though an evening and a day of HUGE relief did follow, what came afterwards was nothing like the easiness of mind I had envisioned. Nope, what followed was a complete and utter descent into a dark, ghostly state.Perhaps this was because I had a two-months’ notice, and no real change followed my decision. Continue reading “A bad habit called stress”

Our hearts are keeping time

It’s funny how sometimes the tiniest of occurrences can unleash a landslide of emotions and associations that can propel our minds to a totally new place.

Once, after yoga, I overheard a conversation between my yoga teacher and another student that threw me into a small frenzy of thought. What I overheard while all of us were changing was that the student—an unassuming looking woman—was leaving next week to Antarctica on a research ship. She would be sailing around the islands down south for four months. Continue reading “Our hearts are keeping time”

Boldly, with love: a manifesto

I admit it: I have done my fair share of lusting for success and validation for my writing. But I’m putting this out here because I wish to let go of these thoughts. And publishing them somewhere where anyone can read them is my version of shock therapy. Will anyone find this post is another question. But for sure, even the possibility for this confession to be read by anyone is terrifying enough. Continue reading “Boldly, with love: a manifesto”


Last week, I was biking home with my son after picking him from daycare. The road was just then passing through a wooded patch. A handyman’s van was parked half on the curb, and beside it, the handyman himself, by the looks of it, was stooping over a girl that was sitting on the ground beside an overturned kick scooter. The girl was perhaps ten years old and had clearly been crying. There were a couple of kids farther up the road watching. Continue reading “P A S S I V I T Y”

To the dreamers (living with the demons)

I’ve watched a fair share of mediocre B-movies on a rainy day when I needed a bit of easy-going cheering. In them, the protagonist often has a dream, lots of setbacks, then rolls up the sleeves and after a sequence of scenes showing hard work of some sort, the protagonist gets to live the dream.

But what does it really mean to fight for a dream and then, if so fortunate, to live the dream? I think that the reality is not as rosy, especially when the coveted dream does not align with social axioms. Continue reading “To the dreamers (living with the demons)”

I am every breath

I’d like to share with you a small philosophy that came to me recently.

I don’t meditate as often as I would like to, but each time I sit down to this honorable activity, my respect for it and for the people adept at it grows. I was meditating a few days ago, and was constantly trying to stop my mind from thinking, “Yes! Now I am only thinking about my breathing!” Because the minute I thought that, I was no longer focusing solely on my breathing and, consequently, I wasn’t doing a very good job at meditating. Continue reading “I am every breath”

Dasung’s Paperlike E Ink Monitor: A review from a writer’s perspective

I often write in the evenings which hitherto meant torturing my eyes with an LCD monitor after dark. This is why I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the world’s first E Ink monitor offered by Dasung – a Chinese startup. I bought my monitor on IndieGoGo.

I have always found it a pity that not more is beeing done on developing E Ink monitors. They, of course, have limitations such as the lack of color and the relatively slow refresh rate—I wouldn’t watch a video on such a monitor—but for certain types of office work, an E Ink monitor is superior to an LCD screen. Continue reading “Dasung’s Paperlike E Ink Monitor: A review from a writer’s perspective”